Waimea Estates

Waimea Estates

Founded in 1993, Waimea Estates won a trophy with its first ever wine made and hasn’t looked back.

Nearly 30 trophies and 150 gold medals later, Waimea Estates is one of the leading producers in Nelson. It is renowned for its aromatic wines and has accumulated a great number of gold medals and trophies over the years.

Reflecting Nelson’s warm maritime climate with cool coastal breezes, Waimea wines are approachable with a refined acid profile. They are considered great value wines.

Waimea Estates vineyard

About Waimea Estates

Waimea Estates is located in sunny Nelson and one of the leading producers in the region.

The name Waimea

Waimea means 'river gardens' in Maori and the award-winning wines have a distinctive alluvial quality.

Waimea vineyards

Waimea Estates own 140ha vineyards in the Waimea plains.

It works on the principle that to make great wine you need great grapes. The wine quality and appeal begins in the vineyards. It is a combination of site, soil and careful farming techniques that make a great vineyard. Year after year the estate harvests a quality crop - the direct result of paying careful attention to the integration of grape variety, rootstock and soil.

Vine density, pruning, canopy management, soil cultivation and vine age all combine to influence the final quality of the wine Waimea produces.

Waimea's winemaking philosophy

"Our philosophy is to fully exploit all the advantages of our superior growing conditions and grapes - allowing the natural character of the grapes to shine by practising minimal intervention in both the vineyards and winery. Our wines are terrior rather than winery driven." says Ben Bolitho.

Waimea: doing good with wine

Waimea Estates is assisting local conservation groups in their efforts to protect this vulnerable and unique species. Waimea is currently helping fund the Tuatara program at Natureland in Tahunanui, Nelson.

This funding helps to further education and conservation goals for the world's only remaining living link to the Dinosaur (the Tuatara or Spinyback in English).

Praise for Waimea Estates

Top Wineries of New Zealand 2018 & 2019 & 2020 – Bob Campbell MW

Waimea Estates, good wines at great prices” – Bob Campbell MW

The Waimea Estate wines are extremely successful on the domestic and international show circuit consistently winning top awards, testifying to the quality of the fruit.” – Raymond Chan

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